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Walking on Water – will you marry me?

“What is he chatting me for?” Lade quipped as she saw a notification of Wole’s WhatsApp chat pop up on her phone. She had long deleted his number from her phone, but could still recite his number if she were asked in her sleep. She opened her WhatsApp to read his message. “I have been transferred back to Lagos. I want to come and see you.” She stared at the words in utter disbelief “see me for what gangan, after one year?” Their breakup had been easier to handle with him living several states away from her, but with him in Lagos they were going to be bumping into each other at functions since they had friends, church, and school colleagues in common. Rolling her eyes, she typed a dismissive “ok”.

his mission was simple – he wanted Lade back

In August 2018, Wole visited as he had promised, and his mission was simple – he wanted Lade back. He had spent quite a while praying for direction. At some point he prayed to meet someone else he could love and move on with, but no one he desired or felt compatible with came along, and all the light skinned ladies failed to make any imprint. Lade became strongly impressed on Wole’s heart again and in his confusion, he reminded God that his mum’s stance concerning her hadn’t changed yet. Notwithstanding he felt led to reach out to her – it was more like a call from God to walk on troubled waters. Wole decided that like Peter he would take the leap, and better than Peter did he won’t take his face and faith off God no matter what.

“…has your mum changed her mind?”

Lade’s first question was “has your mum changed her mind?” She couldn’t understand how Wole would have the effrontery to come to her asking for them to pick up where they left off, when his mum, the sole reason he left her in the first place, had not changed her mind. He must really think this was a joke. She told him to continue praying, that God will make all things clear. Deep down she knew she wasn’t going back to him; she wasn’t putting her heart through stress again. This was her stance until one day a comment on a friend’s blog brought her to a turning point. The post was a story like hers, where the protagonist had to choose between accepting her ex- back or moving forward with a new person. Lade had commented just as soon as she was done reading, stating that the lady should forge ahead with the new man, and several other comments posted had been like hers until one comment dropped – “Christians of these days are funny. Should you choose based on how you feel or on what God is saying? If He is saying accept your ex- back, should forgiveness then be a hard thing?”. This comment had stung her, it was as though the person knew her situation and was attacking her.

Wole was sure that since God had spoken to him concerning Lade, he would also confirm His word to Lade. Her last communication to him had been that she would pray about his request and this he accepted with enthusiasm and positivity. While waiting for her response, he visited her parents to tender his sincere apology for the broken relationship and how it may have affected them. They asked about his mum and her stance on the matter. He told them his convictions this time around despite his mum’s continued refusal and how they would press on regardless. Wole proposed afresh to Lade, the whole romantic affair this time; man on one knee, starry eyed, holding out a beautiful ring and softly muttering sweet endearments before asking the the final question “will you marry me?”. It was indeed beautiful and amidst joyful tears Lade said YES!

Wole’s mum welcomed Lade with warmth and delight, it felt like a dream…

Finally, Wole and Lade decided it was time to face the challenge head-on and scheduled a visit with his mum in Ondo state – they went on this visit in faith. When they got to her they couldn’t believe their eyes, Wole’s mum welcomed Lade with warmth and delight, it felt like a dream, and when Lade was leaving Wole’s mum gave her some new clothes she had bought and kept for her. It was a very fruitful meeting, and they both felt great joy. They continued their courtship according to the church’s protocol and a date was set for the wedding by the church and both families.

One week from the wedding, Wole’s mum called him – “You cannot marry that girl, this wedding is not holding.”

I write about family, faith, work and Life. My pieces focus on how I am learning to bloom in all these and I welcome you to bloom with me.



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I write about family, faith, work and Life. My pieces focus on how I am learning to bloom in all these and I welcome you to bloom with me.

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