About FK

So, I am Folake Fashakin Adebote. Esther too actually, but these three look good together.

I hold a first degree in Agricultural Extension & Rural Development from Obafemi Awolowo University, Ile-Ife, Osun state and I have spent over four years working in the agro-allied & consulting industries. You can also call me a certified Human Resource professional.

I love to teach and counsel – I particularly love doing this with children and teenagers.

I’ll choose a cozy film night in my bed over a party 5.5 times out of 6, super loyal to brands (took me 25 years to switch my sausage roll brand, I won’t talk about Coca-Cola and Pepsi. Oh, how I love quiet drives (absolutely no sounds). I always have an opinion, so if I am quiet be suspicious. My mum would read this, so I won’t tell you if I am a daddy’s girl or not – this is how diplomatic I am.

My second-best spot in my house is the kitchen, and that’s because cooking is always a delight for me. I am adventurous with food, local food; having tried major dishes across all regions of Nigeria and still going. In fact, my first attempt at business was in food delivery. You can woo me with good food – get permission first though!

My most prized possession is family. I also keep a small circle of friends – an amazing and enriching lot. When I feel stressed out and exhausted, spending time with family & friends gives me the most revitalizing feel.

I write too, in bits and pieces, about everything and anything. I have tried my hands on short stories, a novella, a memoir, articles, and short posts on social media. My pieces are inspired by personal experiences, trending stories, inter-personal interactions, and yes, the Holy Spirit.

I believe strongly in Jesus, take my spirituality very seriously, and keep my bible handy.

Together with my husband, let’s call him SA, I reside in the city of Abuja.


Contact me on:

Phone/WhatsApp: +234-8176367126

Address: Abuja, Nigeria

Email: folafash02@gmail.com

Skype: live:folafash02

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