Thursday, July 11, 2024

Maximizing the Valentine Season

Hey there!

This post was meant to be a movie review. I had seen the movie ‘The Wait’ and done a lovely piece where I detailed some lessons I wanted to share. However my laptop had a glitch and after fixing that, the document reverted to a very scanty first version. I will not be redoing it as I am too pained to try, so I am moving on, and TGiF (Thank God it’s February!)

February is always so infused with love. So far you’ve got data on your phone, you cannot escape the love bug in the air. I bet you have at least 2 – 3 vendors posting valentine’s sales on your TL, from clothing and perfumes to cakes and paranran. Like me, you may also have a couple of guys protesting campaigning for how they should also be at the receiving end of gifts and affection this season.

Anyways, this is a simple reminder that whether it’s valentine’s or it’s your anniversary, these dates come and go and the regular days are what you have 98% of the time. What are you doing with those? Are you also deliberate about love, commitment, responsibility, consideration, and forbearance, on regular days? The days when there aren’t any external frenzies to stir up and drive your emotions.

While happy Christian marriages/homes are a great encouragement to many onlookers who are being fed with news of divorce and breakup all over social media today, it is more important that beyond appearing happy, your marriage is thriving!

As a babe who loves the entire 9-mile of romance, I encourage you to please go all out in showing your spouse that they are cherished and well appreciated. However, if your marriage or relationship is not on course as God would have it be, then this is a perfect opportunity to make the needed changes. The flowers and gifts are great. But let communication for healing, and a determination to begin to strengthen your relationship, with Jesus at its center, accompany the lovely gifts.

It is always better to make it work between yourselves (and God). It is however good to have the discernment or at least common sense to know when it is pertinent to involve an appropriate 3rd party for help. There is no shame in getting help, just be careful about the ‘who’ and ‘when’.

Now tell me, what’s a good post without some gist?
I was craving some lovey-dovey time with just SA (let me spell that out – some time alone with my husband, in the absence of our daughter). No need to let your mind run wild, I only had a city tour and late-night dinner in mind, nothing indoors. However, this dream is not to be actualized this 14th, as we both have conflicting schedules while Ari is in preschool. So we’ll try again, on some regular day.

What are you and yours doing this 14th? If you’ve not made plans, well it’s not too late, you’ll find 10 great ideas here.

Happy Valentine’s to you and yours,

Till your next visit here, stay blooming.

I write about family, faith, work and Life. My pieces focus on how I am learning to bloom in all these and I welcome you to bloom with me.


  1. You can make every day in your relationship Valentinous?, Being affectionate and giving gifts to your partner should be a regular thing not restricted to particular days.
    Thanks for the Lovely Message.
    And a Happy Valentine in advance


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I write about family, faith, work and Life. My pieces focus on how I am learning to bloom in all these and I welcome you to bloom with me.

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