Sunday, June 23, 2024


Am I normal? I post weird pictures of my baby!

A couple of weeks after I had Aridunnu, I saw an article about, and for, parents who feel that their newborn does not look cute, on BabyCenter. BabyCenter is a multifunctional app for women, couples, and parents;...

How My Daughter Got Me Thinking

  Aridunnu started to sit up just before she clocked 4 months. One night after work, I was having my usual mother-daughter time with her in my bedroom (this just means playing, talking, and giggling with just her,...

My Darling Ifeyinwa

I attended two secondary schools and lived in 3 different hostels from 2003 – 2009. The main reason for these transfers was senior girls – they were a terror, but that is a conversation for another day. Everything...
I write about family, faith, work and Life. My pieces focus on how I am learning to bloom in all these and I welcome you to bloom with me.

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